Sunday, November 27, 2011


The Session I attended at the 2011 WV Technology Conference was entitled, "Smartboard Magic by Lori Whitt, Kanawha County Technology Facilitator. She gave us all kids of ideas on how to add pizazz to our smartboard lessons. The best part was that she passed out a CD and we added it into our my content section in smartboard. It was a great session one that you could actual take something away and have it with you so you can remember how to do it.

Final Reflection

I have added my blog of my 23 things to my technology resource website. I would like to have a few moments of time maybe during a snowday that I could get teachers in the lab and really go through my blog and show them what all they can do with blogs in their classroom


The Sandbox Manifesto
Posted by Wesley Fryer on November 21st, 2011
Presenter: Angela Maiers
Location: Clive, Iowa
Presentation Title: The Sandbox Manifesto
Presentation Description: The “Rules of the Sandbox” are not just for kids. There is much we can learn as teachers, leaders, and citizens of the web and world.
See how playing nice and playing well is not only good behavior it is good strategy for success on the Social Web. Join me as we explore how the tenets of “The Sandbox Manifesto” can serve us in our classrooms and communities.
Summary: The preconference keynote was just fabulous. She talked about 10 items that make up THE SANDBOX MANIFESTO. Watching these children interact in the sandbox was the kind of collaboration, solving problems, innovation and creativity that we want to see in the classroom. Well worth watching. The video was approximately 20 minutes. Can’t wait to watch the rest of the webinars with the K12 online conference.
1. Sharing is Caring
2. Messy is Good
3. Imagination your greatest asset
4. Sand is for filling buckets
5. Hugs help and Smiles Matter
6. Take it to the Community
7. Strangers are future friends
8. Be remarkable
9. Here you are the Master of your Universe

You Tube request through Webtop

The you tube video that I requested is link to a professional development video about the 3D Cube that we will be getting with our Smartboard projectors

Topic of Choice

My first blog!
Something I can go to my teenage daughters and say...get on and follow my blog....maybe they will create one too

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Acceptable Use Policies
AUP policy posted on Preston County Board of Education
AUP Policy for students and teachers
Technology Consent Form

Here is how we handle the web2.0 tools
"I will not participate in direct electronic communications such as, but not limited to, text messaging, message boards and web logs, chat rooms and instant messaging unless assigned for a specific educational purpose and under the direct supervision of the authorized PCS personnel responbile for assigning this activity. "

We might want to some of the wording it is outdated. The last date I can find that it was adopted was in 2007.

AUP records are kept in the permanent records at the school. Each year one teacher in our middle school that has all the students revisit the policy and have them sign off on it again.
Our school secretary is wonderful on WVEIS and has everything tagged in it and can print off class reports that list it studnets can be on internet, have picture take, video, etc.

When a student happens to not be able to do research for a project they are sent to the library for "book" to look at.